When you work as a temporary worker in Experis, you will receive an individual affiliation agreement and job confirmation that will describe the general conditions of your employment. Additionally, you will have access to special advantages and personnel benefits that are outlined below. You can also find a link to the collective agreement and information to remember when your employment ends.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help.


As an External Consultant at Experis, the method of registering hours will depend on the agreement between Experis and our customer. 
Your agreement with Experis will determine whether you must register hours directly in the customer's time reporting platform or in the Experis Intelliplan portal (login can be found above by the orange login button). Regardless of the solution that has been agreed upon, you will be sent the relevant link upon creation and conclusion of the contract. 

Please ensure that you complete and approve your hours for the month no later than the last working day of each month.

Nice to know as a Temp

The Temp Portal - Intelliplan Consultant Portal

After signing your contract, you will gain access to the Intelliplan Consultant Portal (Vikarportal), also known as the temp portal. Here, it is mandatory to register your sickness, holiday, and other absences every Friday, and no later than the third working day of the following month. Your registration must be accurate since it is used for invoicing our customers. To ensure that you register correctly, please take the time to read our guide, which is available on your profile in the Portal under documents.

For quick access to the portal, you can use the direct link provided here


Pension via PFA – a strong employee benefit

If you have the right to pension during your employment with Experis, it will be managed through PFA.

Your pension is made of several components. Some of these components are insurance policies that will provide coverage for you right now, while others are designed to help you save for retirement and enable you to continue living comfortably. 

By default, you will receive a basic package of insurance policies. However, you will have the option to choose higher coverage for some of these policies. Therefore, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with your pension, including the insurance policies, so you can take full advantage of it. 

Approximately one month after you receive your first salary payment, PFA will send you a message in your e-box with a personal link to a digital welcome process. By following this link, you can obtain more information about your pension. 

Once you have completed the digital welcome process, you can log in to your personal page on My PFA to see how your current pension is set up. Here, you can also learn more about your options for customizing your pension to fit you, as well as find out what is covered by your policy and where you can locate its details. 

If you would like to receive personal advice or schedule an interview, you can find contact information on the PFA website or below.

Online courses – upgrade your skills

As a temporary worker at Experis, ManpowerGroup, you have the opportunity to access free online courses through our PowerYOU portal, which is linked to SkillPort. The portal provides you with access to a wide range of online courses that you can complete at your own pace, whenever it suits you. You can take as many courses as you like. 

To access the portal, please contact your Experis contact and request a link to the PowerYOU portal. Once you receive the link, you will have 90-day access to the portal, and if you require a longer period, you can renew your access.

Holiday fund & Holiday homes

For several years now, ManpowerGroup DK has established its own Holiday Fund that possesses two holiday homes. When you are employed by Experis, ManpowerGroup, you can rent these holiday homes from the fund. You can find out more about the Holiday Fund here,
Manpower Login (bookhus.dk)


The holiday fund has 2 holiday homes:

We are the proud owners of house 75 at the Skagen Strand Holiday Center situated in the beautiful and sunny north. It is an excellent destination for relaxation, exploring Skagen, and enjoying the stunning beaches all year round. 

Apart from this, the holiday center has excellent facilities that offer indoor and outdoor activities. Additionally, there is a water park where children safely can have fun.

See more information on Skagen Strand's website,
Ferie i Skagen - lej feriebolig på hotel og feriecenter Skagen Strand


We own a spacious family house located in Lalandia, Rødby. The place offers a waterpark and a wide range of physical activities for kids and adults alike. It is an ideal choice for activating children while also giving adults a chance to relax in the evening. 

For more information, please visit Lalandia's website.

Lalandia Feriecenter » Book Familieferie Med Badeland I Danmark

Collective agreements & laws

Experis, a part of ManpowerGroup, has signed the collective agreement known as  the "Salaried Employees’ Collective Agreement for Trade, Knowledge and Service"

If you are employed as a Salaried Employee / "funktionær", you can access the "Salaried Employees Act" on Retsinformation by searching for "Funktionærloven".

As a temporary worker with us, you will be subject to the Danish Temporary Workers Act, which applies to both you and us. You can access the Temporary Workers Act on Retsinformation by searching for "lov om vikarers retsstillig".

When your employment ends

After your employment ends, you will find essential practical information below that you may need.

Residual Holiday and earned vacation days:

Earned vacation days will be recorded with FerieKonto and will be available on the 15th of the following month after your departure.
For more information, visit www.Borger.dk, where you can also find a comprehensive overview of your earned holiday pay, the number of vacation days, and the employer with whom you earned the holiday pay. This is also where you can apply for the disbursement of your earned holiday pay.

Additional Holidays
As per the regulations governing additional holidays, you are entitled to take only 5 additional holidays per year, even in the event of a job change. "Unused additional holidays" will not be compensated upon resignation.

If you haven't used/paid out your additional holidays in your new job, kindly send an email to HR@dk.experis.com requesting that they will be compensated. In accordance with the agreement section 12, you should do this between January 1st and May 31st, following the end of the holiday year. Please note that the vacation utilization period extends for 16 months after Additional Holidays are allocated.

Optional Wage Account
If you are eligible for an Optional Wage Account and haven't previously received it, it will automatically be disbursed upon your departure.

G-Days (Unemployment Benefits)
If you are a member of an Unemployment Insurance Fund (a-kasse) and have worked a minimum of 74 hours for Experis, ManpowerGroup, within the four weeks prior to the termination of employment, you are eligible for the payout of G-Days if you meet the conditions. For further details on the rules and requirements for G-Days, please refer to Borger.dk. To request a payout, please complete and sign this Solemn Declaration (Tro- og loveerklæring) and send it to HR@dk.experis.com


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