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As digitization and new technologies continue to advance, there is a growing shortage of necessary skills in the workforce. This can make resource planning more challenging for organizations. However, Talent Solutions is here to help.
We specialize in attracting, managing, and developing talent. We provide innovative, technology-based HR solutions. We specialize in management, change, and restructuring solutions, as well as scalable recruitment solutions that can be outsourced.

Talent Solutions Right Management - Talent, leadership, and employee development

Global career experts

Right Management has more than 40 years of experience in supporting and developing employees and managers. We find new jobs for 40,000 people every day and have helped more than 3.5 million people find their new roles. We offer solutions based on insight and technology with a focus on your company's needs and culture. We are prepared to meet the labor market's strategic competence requirements and help you and your company through the following solutions:

  • Leadership development
  • Employee development
  • Career adjustment/outplacement
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching
  • Test/Assessment
  • Team development
We assist you and your company with solutions that increase your employees' commitment and performance so that you can achieve your company's strategic goals.

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Right Management

Karen Staugaard 
Nordic Coordinator
  +45 27 78 01 58


Talent Solutions RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Attracting and recruiting the right talent is essential for any organization to achieve its goals. Traditionally, individual tasks are outsourced to external recruitment agencies as needed. However, if your organization requires a larger volume of recruitment, short- or long-term recruitment projects, or if your own resources are unable to handle the workload, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions can help. We take care of your recruitment needs and provide dedicated resources that act as an extension of your team. This ensures that you have a reliable and efficient recruitment process that aligns with your organizational goals.

With our RPO solutions, we can take overall responsibility for your recruitment and processes. Our team acts as an extended arm to your Talent Acquisition team (TA), recruitment manager, or other stakeholders. We will act as Trusted Advisors and advise on, amongst other things, Employer Branding, Employer Value Proposition (EVP), or general program and press support. This helps to increase your company's attractiveness in a highly competitive talent and candidate market. By outsourcing your recruitment process to us, your core team can focus on their tasks and internal goals. Our team consists of project managers and recruitment staff who are specialists in various areas and work with your brand in your organization's own systems. We ensure a transparent process throughout the recruitment cycle.

All or parts of the recruitment process

We have extensive experience and good insight into both national and international graduate and labor markets. We offer scalable solutions tailored to your needs, whether you want us to take responsibility for all or parts of your recruitment process. Our solutions result in reduced recruitment costs, efficient time-to-fill, 100% dedication, and increased productivity for hiring managers or existing TA organizations.

Full Cycle Recruiting and Project RPO

We can quickly and efficiently deliver programs for long-term or temporary projects, such as trainee programs, volume, or summer job recruitment. With our global network and local knowledge, we can establish cross-border recruitment to find talent outside Denmark's borders or for locations in other countries.

Talent Consulting and Candidate Sourcing

Knowing which companies are competing for candidates and on what terms, as well as being at the forefront of using digital tools in the recruitment process, are essential for successful recruitment in today's labor market. Our expert knowledge, surveys, and data-driven market and candidate mapping ensure that you succeed in recruiting the right talent.

On-Demand Recruitment

In case of temporary high volume, we offer On-Demand Recruitment to help and support your existing Talent Acquisition team. Our On-Demand Recruitment quickly relieves the recruitment department and takes care of the candidate experience according to your own objectives. The recruitment staff are always led by a Program Manager who follows up on agreed targets.

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Talent Solutions

Heidi Rubæk
Country Manager
+45 27 78 01 50

Talent Solutions TAPFIN - MSP Managed Service Provider


TAPFIN MSP is a service provider that helps organizations optimize and reduce the cost of consultant procurement. We assist companies in structuring and improving their purchasing, while also providing legal assistance.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Talent Solutions TAPFIN acts as an extended purchasing arm for our customers, connecting them with the best consultants and freelancers on the market. We focus on data management, cost control, compliance, and streamlining to buy consultants and results projects for 600 MSP customer programs worldwide with a turnover of more than DKK 130 billion annually.

Business assistance, consulting purchase

We call it Contingent Workforce Management. We have the expertise to streamline the management of consultant procurement, leading to faster hires and greater cost savings.

Our expertise in Statement of Work-Management (SOW) allows us to review, handle, and optimize consultants' work, managed by Statements of Work. This helps us provide fact-based data to our customers to enable them to make faster decisions.

We build your network of candidates

We offer Workforce Solutions Management, which involves building and managing consultant networks to facilitate easy communication and coordination with the required expertise. 

Additionally, our Workforce Advisory service provides insights and data, combined with data systems within statistics and analysis, to create reports and market research on consultancy and the labor market. These reports serve as an important source of information for future consulting purchases.

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Talent Solutions

Heidi Rubæk
Country Manager
+45 27 78 01 50

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